How to stop glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask?

How to stop glasses from fogging up

Do your glasses fog up every time you wear a face mask or other face coverings? Ever see the mist overtaking your lenses with every breath that you exhale?

When you breathe out warm air, that air can escape from the top of your mask, which will fog up the lenses. Your mask is not tight enough, so condensation on your glasses occurs when warm air hits a cool surface that is your lenses.

Say goodbye to foggy lenses with these quick solutions that you can do to keep your lenses clear, including getting a new pair of glasses from Coastal. Check out five ways to help stop glasses from fogging up.

5 ways to prevent glasses from fogging

1.Try anti-fog lenses

Want to defog glasses quickly? With anti-fog lenses, you don’t need to put up with annoying, foggy glasses anymore. It is effective with masks and other face coverings, making it a great option if you wear them for long periods of time. You can move through your busy day with fog-free vision, as the anti-fog coating is quick to de-fog and stay clear. No more frequently removing your glasses to wipe off the fog.

2.Secure mask tightly around your face

Make sure your mask is snugly hugging around your nose and cheeks to prevent glasses from fogging. A loose-fitting mask allows exhaled air to release straight into your glasses, but a secure-fitting mask forces that air to flow out and away from your glasses.

If you wear a surgical mask with a bendable wire at the top, gently pinching the wire along the crease of your nose will do the trick. Tie the mask tight and position it under your glasses.

face mask with wire prevents foggy glasses
If you wear a mask without a wire in it, you can use a moldable wire-based item and weave it through the top of the mask that sits on your nose bridge. This could be a twist tie, paperclip, or jewelry wire that you can bend it to fit your nose. To safely close the nose gap, make sure you inwardly fold the wire down and away from your eyes or tape off edges that are sharp.

A common trick from the surgical experts who regularly wear mask with glasses involves sticking medical tape across the nose bridge. You can use a fashion tape, paper tape or a bandaid as well.

3.Place a tissue between the mask and your nose

Here’s a tissue for your issue. Adding a tissue or paper towel inside the mask helps keep moisture down. Fold a tissue into a strip and place it between your mask and nose. The tissue will filter and absorb moisture from your warm breath, which will help stop glasses from fogging up. Once you find the right placement, we recommend you use tape to keep the tissue in place.

4. Exhale downward

When you’re breathing, push the air downward as you exhale. Blow air downward by holding your upper lip over your lower lip, as if you’re playing a flute. This can be a quick fix to avoid foggy glasses while wearing mask.

5. Adjust nose pads on glasses

If your glasses have nose pads, you can adjust the pads to rest slightly away from your face. This allows the hot air to escape rather than being trapped between your face and eyeglasses lenses, which can help prevent glasses from fogging. Gently pinch the nose pad arms to pull them away from the lenses.

This might be more suitable for single vision glasses with a low prescription. If you wear glasses with progressive lenses or high prescription lenses, adjusting the nose pads may slightly change your vision, as your lenses should ideally sit as close to your eyes as possible.


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